Cohere Outsourcing Philippines

What We Do

Our Expertise lean on 4 outsourcing areas where we can make a difference when you engage with Cohere. These are: Customer Service, Technical Support, Upselling or Cross Selling through customer interaction and Back Office processes.

Our customer service compentence is through direct or indirect interaction with your customers on various channels by answering products and services questions. We go beyond, by suggesting information about other products and services and even provide insights to your industry. We also process orders, prepare correspondence and fulfill diverse customer needs which focus on ensuring customer satisfaction.

We provide any Information or Technology related services to your customers. These go beyond internet related services which cater to consumers of business and/or professionals to fulfill customer needs. The outsourcing relates to addressing basic inquiries on internet, computer, gadget, or related products. Cohere team members have vast experience in consumer hardware, software, internet, and technology related topics to fulfill a company's technical support needs.

Sales subsequent to Customer Service and/or Technical Support is how we provide return of your investment in outsourcing. Cohere through its available resources and experience is able to provide consumer upselling and sales after initial customer interaction.

Back office process outsourcing is our non-customer facing competency. We look into internal processes and execute the task for you. We improve on these processes while you focus on the core competency of your company. We can assist you by going through different departrments of your company to discover and streamline manpower or processes so that headcount within the organization may be re-purposed for more aligned employee career growth.